Due to increasing carbon footprint in the atmosphere and limited availability of fossil fuels, we need to rapidly move towards heavy use of (1) renewables (such as solar and wind) for electricity generation and (2) electric vehicles (EVs) for transportation. However, integrating large amount of renewables and multi-slot EV charging stations in our existing electric grids may lead to the problems of grid safety and power quality (line congestion and over- and under- voltage). So, the immediate challenge in front of us is to tackle the above problems.

In the other blog post, we have emphasised the need of a grid autopilot system to avoid the costly grid refurbishment. Sure, we need to have new such technologies to support this large-scale integration of renewables and EV charging stations. But is that enough? I would say we need more efforts (than we are currently doing) in terms of awareness and incentives for people. These efforts should be done from us all collectively: citizens, governments, businesses, etc.

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