We mainly cater to two sectors.

Grid Operators

Electrical grids are getting nowadays more and more complex due to environmental incentives to integrate renewable and cleaner resources.

PV panels, distributed storage, electric-vehicle charging stations, and demand response, among others, are part of the usual energy resources being nowadays deployed, specially at distribution level.

Moreover, microgrids are being broadly installed as a solution for remote and isolated zones, together with emergency installations in the urban context.

In GridSteer we have designed software that, independent of the resource nature, can exploit at maximum its dynamic power flexibility. This enables the grid to smoothly provide power services to the upper grid, such as dispatchability, frequency support, and peak shaving, among others. Our solution can adapt to the available monitoring infrastructure of the operator, and we have validated its operation at sub-second scale.

In the case of microgrids, our solution can be seamlessly used for both grid-connected and islanded modes.

Thanks to these capabilities, our solution allows that, when expanding the installed capacity of the system or designing a new one, the required line ampacity and additional flexibility are reduced, hence reducing the associated investment.

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Technology Providers

Most of the energy resources in distribution grids have inherent flexibility that is usually unused. Imagine a electric space-heating/cooling system, or a battery-based storage system or electric-vehicle charging stations. They all can modify their power profiles with little impact to their own goals but providing a very important service to the grid.

Usually this flexibility is exploited at local level only, and its features are thus limited or constrained by regulation.

In GridSteer, we provide software to continuously express the available flexibility of different energy resources that can be used both at local and at system level.

Our software allows distributed energy resources to be maximally exploited by an external controller, with little or no impact to their internal goals. This allows easy decoupling of long- and short-term goals.

For details about the resources we support, visit our Products section